Friday, 31 January 2020

Peonies and Lace

Peonies and Lace Card

For this card I've used some patterned paper, dies and hot foil stamps from the Couture Creations Peaceful Peonies collection along with the Treasured Frame cut/foil emboss die from the Modern Essentials collection.


I've foiled the frame first and then added the beautiful peonies using the Peony Bouquet hot foil stamp.

The corner embellishments have edges that fold behind which that can be stuck down with - so the die cut can be allowed to float over the backing paper.  They can be used like photo corners to hold tags or photo's temporarily so they can be taken out if needed.  This would be a great way to use them in a scrapbook layout or photo album.

The foil I've used on this card is Silver foil with an iridescent sequin pattern which gives the peonies a dappled appearance.

I also tried out using muted pink foil, which would also work well with the colours in this card.

My video shows you how to foil the frame and how to get the peony bouquet foiled in the correct place.

Couture Creations Products Used:

CO727351 - Paper Pad - 6 1/2 x 6 1/2in - Peaceful Peonies - (24 sheets)
CO727412 - Hotfoil Stamp - Peaceful Peonies - Peony Bouquet

Monday, 20 January 2020

Peaceful Peonies Oval Trellis Card

Peaceful Peonies Oval Trellis Card

For this card I've used some of the stamps and dies from the Couture Creations Peaceful Peonies Collection.

I added some pigment ink to some plain white card with a soft brush, to just add a little colour in the background.

Cut 2 of the oval trellis - one will be used on the topper and the 2nd one is to use as a stencil.  I used some peach and purple inks on a small piece of sponge to add some of the diamond pattern to the background before stamping the images.


For the topper I inked some more white card, but this time using a sponge blending tool to get a deeper colour.  Cut an oval approximately 2cm larger than the trellis die cut from this card and mat onto another oval cut from black card.

The topper is mounted on some foam pads in the centre of the card, with a flower spray to the left side and a sentiment across the middle.

I've used the Peony Bouquet cut, foil and emboss die, with ink for the flower spray behind the large flower.  I first inked with purple pigment ink and die cut the piece, adding an extra card shim on the cut side to make sure I got a deep emboss.  I then added peach coloured gilding polish. 

I've cut 3 of the most open die from the Layered Trilliums die set.  I've inked in the centre of 2 of them and then trimmed the third one to create stamens, and shaped and stuck the 3 layers together.

The left hand side of the sentiment banner is stuck down under the edge of the Peonie Bouquet die cut.

Couture Creations Products Used:

CO727417 - Cut, Foil & Emboss Die- Peaceful Peonies - Peony Bouquet
CO727383 - Cutting die set (3pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Layered Trilliums
CO727386 - Cutting die set (3pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Latticework
CO727399 - Mini Stamp (1pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Bouquet Border
CO727402 - Mini Stamp (1pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Baby Peony
CO727405 - Mini Stamp (1pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Spotted Butterfly
CO727392 - Mini Cutting Die Set (2pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Tall Branches

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Foiled Wreath Card Background

Foiled Wreath Card Background

For these cards I've been exploring using a repeat foil stamping technique to create large wreaths as my card background.

It's much quicker and easier than you'd think, as rather than moving the hot foil stamp, you turn the card and foil the hot foil stamp 4 times before moving it and foiling 4 times again, rotating the card each time.  In part 1 of my video I show you how I create the foil wreaths on the top two cards, and part 2 shows how I created the bottom right card using a large hot foil stamp and a larger piece of card (the card base is 7"x7").  The bottom left card is created using a different hot foil stamp, but the foiling technique is the same.

You need to create your wreath on a square piece of card.  I've used a 15cm Square, which is the same width as the GoPress & Foil hot plate - so it will fit through any die cutting machine that the hot plate will fit through.  If you have a larger die cutting machine (A4 plate size) you can use a larger piece of card and allow it to stick out of the sides of the GoPress & Foil hot plate.  See part 2 of my video for more details on using larger card and large hot foil stamps.

Before you start (preferably while your hot plate is still cold) mark the centre point on the front edge of the plastic frame that goes around the heated part.  Once you've made the mark you can start the hot plate heating up ready to foil.

Cut your square of card to size.  I like to start with my card a little larger than I need and trim it down after I've done all of the foiling.  Draw guide lines on the back of the card (or paper) - the diagonal lines are just to find the centre; the lines that mark the mid point of each edge are the important ones.  Number each of the mid point lines - this will help you keep track of which way the card needs to be rotated between each foiling.

Now you just need to position your hot foil stamp.  I like to use a stamp press magnet wrapped in in masking tape - you can position the hot foil stamp on the card, put the magnet on the back and use it to transfer the the hot foil stamp onto the hot plate (see video).

Once you've heated the hot foil stamp, I recommend you do a test run (or two) using a scrap of your card/paper and a small piece of foil to check how many card shims give you good, reliable foiling results.

Now to foil the wreath, you just need to add your foil (pretty/coloured side down) and then put your card/paper on top with the guide lines facing up (visible).

Line up the mid point of side number 1 with the centre point mark you made earlier on the hot plate frame. 

Use a small piece of low tack tape to tape the edge of the card to the plastic frame.  Then add your shims, close the lid and roll through your die cutting machine.

When you lift the card off the hot plate be careful not to move the hot foil stamp.

Peel off masking tape off the card and peel off the foil.

Now you just need to add another piece of foil to the hot foil stamp, rotate the card and position so that the mid point numbered 2 is against the mark on the hot plate frame, add your shims, close the lid and roll.

Repeat for sides 3 and 4.

Now remove the hot foil stamp and let it cool so that you can work out the position it will need to be in for the rest of the foiling.  I've used a different colour foil for the next 4 passes - in the finished wreath the colours will then alternate.

When you've got your hot foil stamp in position and its heated, foil as before rotating the card for each pass.

To finish off the cards, I've matted with contrasting card and added sentiments and some flowers.

Part 1 of my video covers the basic wreath building technique, and part 2 covers using a larger piece of card and a large hot foil stamp - where some extra consideration is needed with positioning the hot foil stamp.

Video part 1

Video part 2

Couture Creations Products Used:

CO727383 - Cutting die set (3pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Layered Trilliums
CO727392 - Mini Cutting die set (2pc) - Peaceful Peonies - Tall Branches
CO725747 - Hotfoil Stamp - C'est La Vie - Thin Fern Stalks
CO725288 - Hot Foil Stamp - AG - Happy Birthday
ULT158114 - Hot Foil Stamp - Classic Sentiments - Birthday Wishes