Thursday, 23 May 2019

Gentlemans Emporium - Corner Patterns Card

Gentlemans Emporium - Corner Patterns Cards

For this project I've made two versions of a card - one using traditional stamping with ink and a corner stamp to create repeat patterns; and the other using hot foil stamping and a corner hot foil stamp to create the repeat patterns.  The square pattern in the middle of the topper and the decorative strip at the side are created using one corner stamp or hot foil stamp.

My backing paper is from Couture Creations Gentlemans Emporium collection and I've added black card for the mats and corners and created my pattered topper and side panel using kraft card.

Full instructions for creating the stamped and foiled panels are in my video - the link is at the bottom of this blog post.

To create the stamped version I've used a stamp press with a hinged lid, so that I can do repeat stamping and just move the card each time.  The same principle is used for the foiling - the hot foil stamp is set in position and the card is moved each time.

For the topper start with a square of card 11cm x 11cm.  Draw lines on one side across from corner to corner diagonally, crossing in the centre and then from the middle of one side through the centre to the opposite side.

For the border panel, I started with a piece of card 8cm wide and 21cm long.  Draw lines along it's length 2cm from each of the long sides.  Draw a line across the mid point, 10.5cm from each end and then add lines 3.5cm apart measured out from the mid point.  It's important to measure out from the mid point so that if the card is slightly more or less than 21cm long the difference will be at the ends and not mess up the spacing of the pattern in the middle.

For the ink stamped version you need to transfer your marks to the front of the card along the edge.  These are used to line up the card each time you move it to stamp the next piece of the pattern.

See the video at the bottom for the process of positioning your stamp, or hot foil stamp and how the card is moved for each of the designs.

Once you've stamped or foiled your topper and panel, trim them and mat onto black card.  Leave the side panel longer than you need until you have stuck it down on your patterned paper - then you can trim it to the exact length of the paper from the back before sticking the paper down on its mat of black card.

Before sticking down the topper, stick one of the card embellishments from the ephemera pack in the top right corner of the card.

I cut a border strip from another of the 12x12 papers in the collection and wrapped it around the centre of the topper, raising the middle of it up on two layers of foam pads.  Then add more foam pads to the back of the topper and stick in in place on the front of the card.

 For the embellishment in the centre of the topper, stick 2 of the corner die cuts together and stick in place before adding the sentiment.

I've completed the cards by adding a playing card from the Ephemera Pack tucked under the topper, another sentiment at the top of the side panel, and a pocket watch overlapping the bottom right edge of the topper

Full details for stamping or foiling the side panel and the topper are in my video.

Couture Creations Products Used

CO726039 - Foil - Grey (Dark Mirror Finish)
CO726826 - Gentlemans Emporium - Die Cut Ephemera Set
CO726834 - Gentlemans Emporium - Gentlemans Corner Mini Die
CO726831 - Gentlemans Emporium - Gentlemans Timepiece Mini Die
CO726844 - Gentlemans Emporium - Acanthus Corner Mini Hotfoil Stamp
CO726837 - Gentlemans Emporium - Gentlemans Corner Mini Stamp
CO726813 - Gentlemans Emporium - Gentlemans Emporium Collection Pack - Stickers, Postcards and Papers - 12 x 12in

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Flutterby Frames - Ink Wash Card

Flutterby Frames - Ink Wash Card

For this card I've used 300gsm smooth watercolor / stamping card, and gold foil to create the frame and sentiment panel.  All of the other foiled elements are also watercolor card, but I've used a variety of foils. I've used one of the papers from the Butterfly Garden collection matted with kraft card in the background.

You need a little more pressure to foil onto this type of card, than other plain smooth card, but I've chosen it for this project because of  how water based colouring products behave when used on it. So long as the card is wet, the colour can be moved, and the ink wash in the background can be created using basic water based pens, a glass mat and some water.

You can colour the card either before, or after you've foiled.  I foiled then coloured the main frame and the inner panel, but added the sentiment after the panel had been coloured and the card completely dry.

When you do your foiling, check that the corner leaves have foiled properly before peeling off the foil.  You can see if the foil has adhered to the card.

If the foil has not adhered in the corners, put the die cut back into the die, and add shims on the corners.  Heat and roll through your die cutting machine again.  Peel at the corners first to check the foiling quality before peeling the foil off completely (I show this in the video).

Now you just need to draw in a glass mat with your water based pens.  Spread out spots of colour will produce a subtle effect and scribbled areas will produce more intense colour. Spritz the coloured area of your glass mat with water and then lay your card down on the colour. The colour looks lighter when the card is whet than how it will be when the card has dried out.  

I foiled and coloured lots of the butterfly embellishments from the Flutterby set, and also other butterflies and made a flower.

I show you how to foil the frame, colour the embellishments, and how they are layered on the card in my video.

Couture Creations Products Used

CO726760 - Esthetica - Flutterby Frames Cut, Foil and Emboss Decorative Nesting Die
CO726573 - Butterfly Garden - Garden Butterfly Cut, Foil and Emboss Die
CO726467 - Modern Essentials - Decorative Nesting Butterfly Frames Cut, Foil and Emboss Dies
ULT158114 - Hot Foil Sentiments - Birthday Wishes

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Gentleman's Emporium - Elegant Times Card

Elegant Times Birthday Card

For this card I've used a page from the Gentleman's Emporium 6x6 pad.  Along with the decorative paper, I've used some black card and some beige pearl card from my stash.    
The card blank is made from an A4 sheet of card folded in half and then trimmed to create a square card blank (14.8cm square).  Cut a mat of black card to fit the card blank leaving a white border around the edges.

Trim the page from the paper pad so the black card will form a narrow border around the edges - but don't stick it down yet.

I used one of the border hot foil stamps and grey foil to create the decorative panel, and matted the panel onto black card. Take a look at my video for tips on getting the border to foil onto your card straight. 

The border  is mounted on Couture Creations black foam strips and stuck down on the decorative paper, so it can be trimmed to length stuck in place, before the decorative paper is stuck down on the black card.

Using the foam strips makes it easy to stick the border trip down straight, as you can start peeling the backing off at one end, stick that in place and make sure the strip is parallel to the edge of the card and then peel the rest of the backing off while holding the panel in place.
For the pocket watch, cut it out twice from black card and glue the layers together using a wet craft glue - this adds both dimension and strength.  I've used gilding waxes to highlight the details of the watch face.

After applying the gilding wax, stick the die cut watch down onto some of the beige card using a wet craft glue and trim around the edge.  It's easier to do this before the glue dries so you can get the scissors under the edge of the die cut.

The chain is a die from an older collection - Be Merry, 3 Chained Baubles.  I cut it twice in black card and stuck the 2 layers together with wet glue, used gilding wax to add highlights and shaped while the glue was wet, so that it would keep its shape when the glue dries.

The sentiment is foiled using the same grey foil on the beige card.  I've used one of the Modern Essentials Cut, Foil and Emboss dies from the Nesting Inset Oval Frames set.

Couture Creations Products Used

CO726831 - Gentlemans Emporium - Gentlemans Timepiece Mini Die
CO726812 - Gentlemans Emporium - Paper Pad 152.4mmx152.4mm (6x6)
CO726039 - Foil - Grey (Dark Mirror Finish)
CO726848 - Gentlemans Emporium - Border Collection hot foil stamps
CO724943 - Be Merry - 3 Chained Baubles SetCO726460 - Cut, Foil and Emboss - Modern Essentials - Nesting Inset Oval Frames
ULT158114 - Hot Foil Sentiments - Birthday Wishes