Monday, 10 September 2018

Precision Positioning of Hot Foil Stamps

Here I've used two of my hot foil stamps - a sentiment and a rose, but the method of working out where to place them on the GoPress & Foil will work for any hot foil stamps you want to use, and whatever size card, so long as it's not too big for the GoPress.

You'll need a sheet of copy paper, and some card that you don't mind using for testing your layout.  You won't waste any foil trying out your layout either, as the layout is dry letter pressed onto the test card instead.  You only add foil once you've done all your testing and adjustments.

If you're going to die cut the card your design will be on, then leave that until after the foiling, but you just need to have your card a little larger than the die cut will be - 1cm in each direction is plenty.  You just need a little card around the edge of the die so you can have straight edges to line up with while you are foiling.  You won't need to waste lots of card due to not being sure where one our card your foiling is going to end up.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Elegant Anniversary Card - Lining things up to create an elegant backgro...

Join me as I work on making this card with a foiled background, foiled ribbon, and foiled and die cut embellishments. 

There are tips for

  • Lining up the card with the large foil plate, so that both halves of the pattern look like a smooth continuation.  
  • Lining up die to foil around the foiled heart in a different colour foil 
  • Positioning die cut elements both so that they   lined up correctly with the edges of the card.  

I show my planning, successes, challenges and changes to the design as I go along.

This is a very long video - but feel free to fast forward through any sections or techniques you are already familiar with.   

The large plates I've used in this video are Todo hot foil plates - Fronds and Flourishes (available from Create and Craft), and Chinoise Print (available from Scrappy Cat Crafts).  

The red foiling on the heart is a Spellbinders Glimmer hot foil stamp - 3 hearts by Paul Antonio (exclusive to Scrapbooking Made Simple).  

The sentiment is from the Spellbinders Glimmer Elegant Occasions Sentiments by Becca Feekan set.  The side die cut flourish is Tatterd Lace Baroque border.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Foiled Flowers using GoPress & Foil

This is a video tutorial showing how to make these two tone foiled flowers.  I've used a Spellbinders layered poinsettia die set, and foiled using the back of the cutting die. 

  • You'll need a Couture Creations GoPress and Foil machine
  • Thin metal shim (0.3mm with a card shim or 0.6mm)
  • Foil card stock, or white, smooth water colour card.
  • Hot Stamping Foil, Couture Creations or similar.
  • Low tack masking tape - I use FrogTape Delicate Surface tape.

This is NOT a beginners tutorial, it assumes you've had some practice using your GoPress & Foil and are familiar with how the pressure feels when using your GoPress & Foil with hot foil stamps.  It should't be any harder to roll through when using this technique, but you should be able to feel when the roller reaches where the die is under the lid.

You do all of the foiling first, then any colouring and then die cut the flowers.

In the examples in the picture I've used gold foil on red mirror card, rose gold foil on silver mirror card and dark red foil on green metallic card.

  • Put the thin metal shim (this is NOT the GoPress Adapter Plate which is much thicker) onto the GoPress to heat up.   If you have a very thin metal shim, 0.3mm thick, then use a piece of 300gsm (110lb) card stock, cut to fit over the grey hot plate, under the metal shim. 
  • Leave it to heat through while you cut your foil to size and prepare the card to be foiled.
  • Put piece of foil cut to fit one of the dies down on the card stock coloured, shiny side up and put your die on top with the cutting edge facing upwards.  Tape the die and foil down onto the card.
  • Put the card, with the die on top onto the metal shim in the GoPress & Foil, and close the lid.   Allow a minute or 2 for the card to heat through, and then roll the GoPress through your die cutting machine.
  • When you've foiled of the the layers of the flower, position the die over each one, cutting side down and tape in place - then cut them out with your die cutting machine.
  • Use a ball tool and foam mat to shape the flowers and glue the layers together offsetting the petals of each layer (so they are not lined up).

Part 2 of the video shows how I coloured and shaped the copper flowers foiled onto the water colour card; and cut out and shaped the purple on silver flower.